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Lemon Water and Fleas

My questions concerns fleas. I heard that bathing a dog afflicted with fleas in lemon water is a natural solution to killing the fleas instead of using store bought pestilents, is this true?

Yes it will work. It will control fleas but it will not kill all of the fleas and make your dog flea free. Here is the recipe: thinly slice an unpeeled lemon or lime, pour one pint of boiling water over the fruit. Let it sit in a container over night. Strain it and poor the liquid into a spray bottle and then spray it on your pet. Let it dry. This solution will help repel the fleas. You can also add several drops (15-18) of either garlic, lavender, pennyroyal oil, rosemary or sage liquid extracts. Use a good indoor spray to kill the ones in the home and use a yard spray to kill the ones in the yard, which is the source of the fleas. Another natural product is pyrethrum. It comes from the chrysanthemums. There are several great shampoos on the market that contain this.

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