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Choose chew toys for dogs

Choose chew toys for dogs

Selecting chew toys and play toys would require another computer program to define all of the possible types and sizes.

Outlined below will be some general guidelines to follow:

  • Match the toy or chew toy to the size and type of dog that you have.
  • Make sure the toy cannot be swallowed by your dog.
  • Stay away from rubber or foam toys that are easily destroyed or swallowed.
  • Often pieces of these toys are ingested causing intestinal upset.
  • Hard rubber toys used for training are good.
  • Nylabone products (R) have a good reputation for being safe and durable.
  • Rope chews are good for cleaning teeth.
  • Latex and vinyl toys need to be checked periodically for deterioration.
  • Make sure they cannot be swallowed by your dog.

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