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How Active Are Pugs?

We are thinking about adding a pug to our family. We have a yellow lab who is 4 yrs old, she is very friendly and not dog aggressive although she is very submissive. Our question is how active are pugs and do they get along with other animals also how do you go about introducing them? I have done some research on pugs and also went to a dog show recently I like them because they seem calm and aren't yappy little dogs.

The pug is one of the best pups that you can pick! They make wonderful companions and do indeed get along with other animals. I feel from what you have described about your other dog that they should get along fine. If you take home a pup then the pup will be a little more active than an adult but in general they are not as out going as say a German Shepard pup.

If your Lab is not aggressive towards other dogs then the introduction should be easy. I (in this case) would go ahead and bring home your pup and introduce them in the front yard. Make sure that you purchase new toys, food and water dishes and even a new bed for the new pup. You should also purchase a crate for house training purposes.

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